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MPH Speedgun - Moving/Stationary
MPH Speedgun - Moving/Stationary
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K-Band Speedgun® Doubles as a handheld and dash mounted unit!

The Speedgun has same-direction moving mode. In stationary mode, the Speedgun indicates the displayed target approaching or moving away from the operator. In same-direction moving mode, the radar senses the target’s relative motion toward or away from the patrol vehicle and displays the correct target speed.  Reads Fastest Vehicle in a pack of cars and shows the Fastest and Strongest vehicle simultaneously.
Moving/Stationary hand held or dash mounted radar.  This radar unit is "convertible." The MPH's Speedgun® is both a dashboard radar as well as a handheld gun, depending upon whether the handle is installed on the gun or used as a hand controller. This radar does everything: stationary or moving, opposite or same direction moving and stationary modes, strongest or fastest target, dash-mounted or handheld, and employs well-proven and court-tested DSP technology.

With certification, tuning forks, dash bracket, hard shell foam lined carry case, operators manual, and 1 year warranty.
Brand: MPH Industries
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